URWERK collaboration

urwerk collaboration

A watch and paired knife set made in collaboration with independent luxury watch company URWERK. The UR-T8 watch Colibri case features the same mosaic inlay technique used in the folding knife's inlays. Hundreds of individual pieces of black-lip mother of pearl were cut into diamond shapes then hand-sorted and arranged according to how each reflects the light. The resulting mosaic inlay oscillates between light and dark with movement. 18k gold pins accentuate each pearl intersection, and the two mosaic inlays are set into stainless steel frames and housed in the 3-D sculpted titanium watchcase. The Colibri T-8 model is a specially customized folding art knife. A 416 Stainless Steel handle frame encases a blade mechanism, which runs on ceramic ball bearings. The knife's handle, lock button and blade spine feature black lip mother of pearl mosaic inlays, designed with an alternating light technique, which creates a distinctive chromatic effect. Every piece of pearl is connected by individual 18k gold pins, and each mosaic inlay is outlined with a black vintage Bakelite frame. The diamond patterned mosaic inlay is paired with a titanium insert, 3-D sculpted with the same pattern as the URWERK T8 case. Additionally, the shape of the patented C-Lock mechanism, which locks the blade in both the open and closed positions, has been redesigned to resemble the outline of the URWERK T8 case. A very special attribute of this knife is the inclusion of a sapphire glass window which displays a kinetic internal turbine, similar to a working turbine within a watch mechanism.